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Trollers keep on trolling, I'm gonna keep on LOLing.
Anime kiss

So I almost got into an argument over the internets yesterday.  Everybody's had one of these experiences, right?  Stupid troll takes a completely ambigious statement; "american idol was nice last night" and turns it into a pointless argument.  "american idol is stupid becuz blah blah got voted off i can't believe that sh**t and anybudy hoo watches it is a retard. so STFU."

Now let it be said that an internet argument is a SIN.  In fact, it should be added to the seven deadly sins.  There should be Pride, Lust, Gluttony, and...getting into it with a stupid troll.  Nothing is worse than typing out a long-winded, snarky comeback and then sitting there boiling in anger, waiting for the other person to submit and say, "You're right, O smart one, how could I ever have questioned you?" only to find, three seconds later, an equally long-winded and snarky comeback sitting in your inbox.  Well, what did you expect to happen?  An apology?  Did you expect the other person, once confronted with your amazing logic, to suddenly become smarter?

Ok, so that being said....
I couldn't resist a little jab at this troll person.
I said, "STFU?  You mean, stay tuned for ukeleles?"
And the saddest part is, I just wasted a clever, witty response on someone who could never appreciate it.

But while we're at it -- LMAO.  Lend me an ostrich!

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I like lend me and ostrich! I just came to check whether you had posted anything new, but no, apparently not. Too bad.

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