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Avril Lavigne
Anime kiss
Why is Avril Lavigne awesome? Because her songs are catchy, fast-paced, and actually have a drum beat. I'm a drummer and I can't tell you how many songs have been RUINED for me by the plastic, one-two, one-two beat in the background. Hitting the snare every now and then is not playing the drums! And if you're feeling crazy, you might even use your high-hat! Or your crash ride!
But I digress.
Anyway, Avril Lavigne's bandmates are actually real people, instead of electric sound put in by the computer. (I'm looking at you, KATY PERRY.) And she can actually sing!! In a way that sounds good!! (Still looking at you, Katy.)
And...this should not be as rare as it is, but really, it's pretty rare -- she WRITES HER OWN MUSIC. How many female artists do that? Hardly any. Their job is to look pretty and let the computer take care of the "music" in the background. (Yep, Katy, here's to looking at you.)
So let's give a big hip-hip-hooray to a young woman who actually knows what she's talking about when she says she's a singer! Well done, Avril Lavigne. And I know the song's pretty old by now but I'm going to be listening to GIRLFRIEND full-blast in the car for a very long time.


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