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Anime kiss

There's gotta be some things you want to do before you die, right?  Well, here's one for ya.  And why not just do this next week?  Or the next time you're on a Roller Coaster?

Why don't you play...


Yes I saw this online the other day.  You know those snapshots they take of people at the end of roller coaster rides?  So these guys had this great idea to glue chess pieces onto a chess board and sneak it onto the roller coaster with them.  During the photo snap, they whipped out there chess board and struck a pose, looking thoughtful and calm whilst playing chess ON A ROLLERCOASTER!!!  I laughed so hard when I saw this.  And apparently this caught on enough that tons of people are doing it now, and sending in their pictures to funny pics websites.  You can even see this guy with shaving cream on his face SHAVING on a raft ride!!  Forget about raising breast cancer awareness.  Get out the chessboard and contribute to the great phenomenon!  And then -- send me a pic!


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