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The Unlived Life is Not Worth Examining

From pop-culture to philosophy -- there is no limit to what can be made fun of.

5 April
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Well my Mama always raised me to be polite and humor the people you don't like. My motto is, "Don't be yourself. Be obedient." Who am I? Here's my casefile; Occupation: Waitress, soccer player, soccer COACH for a U7 team, writer. REAL occupation; Sleeping in till Noon, reading books that I hate cover to cover and then complaining about them, (Twilight, I'm looking at you)throwing waterballoons, trying to sing underwater, and creating a split-personality that blows up my apartment and beats me to a pulp sometimes just like the guy in Fight Club.
Things I love; little kids and how they'll believe anything you tell them, even if you say invisible bears are chasing them.
Thinsg I hate; the fact that, really, no one cares about your opinion or your "About Me" section except for you. So what's the point in filling this out? No point at all.