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I love God, but -- Churches ARE MESSED UP.
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 Okay let me tell you about my own experiences with church.  Once upon a time I was on this U14 soccer team.  Every Thursday the parents would drive us kids to soccer practice and then set up their lawnchairs next to the soccer field.  They would sit and watch and wait for practice to end.  All these parents sitting in a row, and finally, they began to talk to each other.  The parents started out talking about their kids and soccer, but it moved on to other things.  The discussions were so lively and there was so much laughing.  The parents stopped thinking of soccer practice as a chore but as a treat.  They had formed a friendship, a "community" of like-minded people, I guess.  The women talked about the new jewelry store, the men talked about their jobs.  Eventually they got to talking about God.
One woman in the group was married to a pastor and they were planting a church in the county.  They invited everyone in the group to come meet at their house every Sunday morning, and that would be their "church" for now.  I guess the idea of seeing their newest friends more often appealed to them.  They all said yes.  Including my own mother.  So I ended up going, too, along with some of the kids from my soccer team.
It was terrible.
We showed up and they gave us these tiny little cookies.  The pastor and his wife were "very disappointed" in the people who didn't come.  They put on some fuzzy music and we sang/mumbled along.  They told us to sit and we sat, they told us to stand and we stood.  They got out their Bibles and started reading to us, started preaching.  The kids had to sit through this too, as we were not allowed to be running around outside.  And when we were done, the pastor and his wife said, "We expect to see you next Sunday."
It was just like a church.  Except, that was what was wrong.  We didn't like sitting down, standing up.  Or clapping when we were told to clap.  Or having people who had been friends before, now being our "leaders" and talking down to us as if we were the sheep and they were the shepherds.  And the whole thing went on for three hours, early in the morning.
We didn't come back.
Now the pastor and his wife aren't speaking to us.
This is what churches are like.  They would have been better off continuing their fellowship by the side of the soccer field.  They were all equals then, everyone participated and got a turn to speak, no one was "preaching."  To me preaching is one of the worst, worst, worst things about church.  I hate preaching.  Read me something from the Bible and let me discuss it with you, let me ask questions about it, but don't start talking AT me and expect me to listen.
To me, church is sitting outside, sharing a watermelon with friends and talking about random stuff.  And what you talk about doesn't always have to be about God.  He should just be there.  If you're looking for God, the church is probably the last place to look.

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was that a church of Christ church?

I LOVE how you describe church, a place to gather and speak about the Bible or chat about it. food!

it took me a LONG time to find a church that meet my spiritual needs. I found this one the pastor is SO FUNNY, he speaks so down to earth. He has a funny way of saying things. I also love he makes the Bible make since. He takes the strange custom's, and explains it to present day ways. I leave feeling I've learned something or better for it.

Where as when I was younger, this other pastor was just so was so over my head I lost interest..

yeah I don't like the whole stand up sit down..another thing I like about the church I've been going to they like oh great to see ya, OH are you going to come to next time. They make me want to come back I guess...

you talking about Churches being messed up, sometimes I feel Christians make a bad name for God..I can't stand those people who hold up cruel signs at people's funerals saying they are Christians...UGH!

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