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Some advice for all of you...
Anime kiss

One of my favorite things to do is give unsolicted advice.  So from my Advice Corner I have a bit of advice for all of you...

Don't name your kid Darcy!!!


And the kid in question is not even a girl.  It's a boy.  What kind of moron names their MALE child after a sad excuse for a man gotten out of a chick-lit book for girls who love to read about dresses and parties?  Let me put this more simply.  Darcy is a fantastic name.  I actually love the name.  Unfortunately, it has this image attached to it.  The image that I see in my mind is a man with sideburns, a big nose, ruffs around his collar and a butt flap on his coat.  Plus the boots with the high heels.  I may be biased because I dislike Jane Austen, but really.

Name the kid Buttmunch.  It would be less ridiculous than Darcy.


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